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"“Where Is The Light” by Extra Time, the brainchild of Brendan McNamara, presents a compelling fusion of classic jazz, nostalgic R&B, and blues influences that transport listeners to a bygone era while maintaining a contemporary appeal." light/#:~:text=“Where%20Is%20The%20Light %20by,while%20maintaining%20a%20contemporary%20appeal


"“Where Is The Light” marks another triumphant chapter in Extra Time’s musical journey, showcasing McNamara’s continued evolution as a songwriter and storyteller."

"Serving as a deep dive into the themes of confinement, self-discovery, and the quest for illumination, Extra Time's jazz-infused prog-rock-esque track "Where Is The Light" poignantly captures the internal struggle against self-imposed limitations and the relentless pursuit of enlightenment and freedom. From the outset, "Where is the Light" captivates with its expressive brass flourishes, reflective tone, and swaying groove. The intriguing blend of jazz and rock styles results in a particularly distinct sound, one of enveloping textures and profound timbral elegance, and thanks to the free-flowing nature of the performances and the atmosphere-inducing character of the arrangement, listeners are drawn into a sonic world of mystique, deep-thought, and thought-provoking musical expression."

- Andre Avanessian

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